Monday, March 17, 2014

3 point band

Hello everyone! Today I shall talk about this awesome band in Australia called 3 Point! The band consists of 2 members Gregory McLucas and Aden Sargeant. Starting the band from when they were both twelve they have come a long way!

Going to shows, performing for their group of fans, they have a killer time. As with any band it is hard to start up and you have to get the word out to people so you can get a crowd to follow you. Staying up late nights working on music, they both have fun and enjoy what they are doing. The only hard part for them is they also have school so they have to work around school and producing music.

How did I find out about them? Well I was messing around on YouTube and came across a video called Luna. Interested on how the picture looked I clicked on it and found out it was a music video. Listening to it I was instantly hooked and could not stop re watching it. The song is amazing! I loved it so much I had to look them up. Not known over here in the US it was a little hard to find information about them so I visited their page on Facebook and started following them.

They have free downloads of their songs and that's just what I did. As a person who really loves music I am very supportive for them. I've always wanted to find a new band and follow them and guess what! I guess it was them! It really excites me too.

They are on tour and I hope they can get enough money to come to the US some day. I don't care where it is they play I will fly or drive to the place. :) If it takes awhile I might have to visit Australia! Anyway I encourage everyone to watch the video Luna below, Check out their web-site and also follow them on Facebook! Even spread the word to your friends! Don't be shy and remember to try new things! Never know you might like them like I do. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Robert Delong

Hello everyone! Recently I went to a Twenty I one I pilots concert and saw 2 other bands playing. The first one was this gir that raped and she was alright but it was hard to hear her most of the time. The second guy I was like eh he might be alright but after just two of his songs I was instantly hooked! 

I have a love and passion for dubstep and his way is very interesting. Kind of hard to describe how he does it. I actually really enjoyed listening to him and I kind of wanted to jump around but didn't want to because the croud was packed together but a good many were.  The crowd pushed a little when he came on but when Twenty I one I pilots came they went crazy! 

People smoking pot and all this other crazy stuff! It was a very interesting night and won't forget it. I knew during his preformance I should of took pics but I was there with my sister and wanted to get her band which is awesome too. I so hope he comes back because I'm dying to see him again and it's not even a week that I've seen him and the other bands! 

A little about what he does on stage. He takes game controllers and rigs them to go with his music preformance which is so cool! He rigged a wii remote and I believe an xbox controller and also a joy stick gamers use on computer games. So cool to see him use them! My fav song called happy is below so check it out! Small band starting out and trying to get known and believe me he will and I'll help him with all his other fans :)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Marvel movies

Stan Lee has just told fans of marvel that they are going to make a Black Widow, Black Panther and Doctor Strange movie which they are working on right now. I think it's actually really awesome they are. I can tell there are going to be so many cool movie for superheroes that will come out in the future.


Monday, September 2, 2013

Lobsters can do what?

Twitter or what I like to call it " The tweerpy tweet" has this really interesting fact on it. I'm always following these fact, and informational tweet people along with some friends, stars and funny people . This one fact really interested me. Did you know that a lobster can come back to life when thawed from the freezer? Isn't that crazy!!!! I bet most people freak out! 

Reminds me kind of like a future thing where we freeze people and they wake up in like 400 years or so. Wonder what would happen if we tried that and released it in the wild. I think it would freak out by the change. 

Empire of the sun vs Daft punk

I was messing around on tumblr looking for cool pictures when I came across this debate people are having. 

Empire of the Sun singer Luke Steele has claimed that the group’s recent album Ice on the Dune is better than Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories.

"I was aware that Daft Punk were getting more press coverage than our record, but I wasn’t too concerned. ‘Ice On The Dune’ is filled with such great songs that it’ll hang around a lot longer than some of those other records that came out around the same time. They had a great marketing campaign, but we’ve got better songs.” 

So which is the better record?

It's a really tuff choice for me since I'm fans of both. I'm not an owner of the Ice on the Dune cd yet but I have listened to it multiple times on YouTube and its amazing. I am the owner of the Daft Punk access memory's which is also another amazing cd. So hard to choose one but I guess if I had to pick on it would be Empire of the Sun. I love Daft Punk no matter what and always will but a lot of Luke's songs are catchy like my personal favorite DNA. DP also had catchy songs like Loose yourself to dance and get lucky. 

I have love for both bands. They both do outstanding jobs and I want them to keep doing that. Daft Punk I still love your cd and really enjoy listening to it. Keep up the good work ;) 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The noise

I was having a good day today until my dad showed me this video. It happened Thursday and is real. This strange sound just came out if nowhere in Canada and is freaking scary. This video is all over the web and even hit the news. What is it? It sounds like metal bending but I'm not sure. I listened to it 4 times and I have to say I'm freaked out a bit. It's just so strange. Maybe war of the worlds is happening? Probably not but if it does and I hear this sound I'm going to cry for real. 

Another vid I found:

Saturday, August 17, 2013


I was just messing around on YouTube like I normally do and came across this video for a movie called Antboy. First thing I thought was its someone making an Ant man related movie but it turns out its a mix of Spiderman and Ant man which is awesome. I'm not sure if its actually a real movie since there were so many teasers for Geek week but if it is I wanna check it out. Looks like its worth a review for all you bloggers.